Our History

Gray Sofa — Commercial Upholstery in Vancouver, WA
This year, in 2018, Cover Upholstery celebrates 60 years of providing outstanding furniture and antique upholstery services in the Vancouver and Portland Metro areas. At the very young age of 18, owner, Doyal Smith began his career working at a local upholstery shop on 45th and Main Street in Vancouver (Aylett). Aylett was a company that provided mattress and furniture upholstery services which gave Doyal his initial introduction into the field. A few years later, he left Aylett to begin working at a local furniture factory. It was there he learned from the ground up all that was involved in making furniture. A few years after that, Doyal had the fortunate opportunity to begin working for a shop located in Gresham, Oregon, named Modern Upholstery. It was there, he received the best training he could of asked for. The owner of that shop took Doyal under his wing, mentoring him on how to take furniture apart and put it back together, far better than it was before. During his employment there, Doyal got several years of experience under his belt and a new passion for upholstering furniture. Then one day, the owner told him that he and his wife were wanting to sell their home and retire at the Oregon Coast. Because of his loyalty and dedication on the job, the owner wanted Doyal to carry on his legacy. But rather than selling him the business, he told Doyal that if he'd pay to move he and his wife to the coast, that Modern Upholstery would officially belong to him. Shortly after, Doyal took him up on his offer, moving them to Taft, a town near Lincoln City. The previous owner began a small upholstery studio above his home, but unfortunately passing away a few years later.
Doyal continued to run Modern Upholstery, and then eventually found a local shop in Vancouver, which he eventually re-named, as Cover Upholstery. Today, Cover Upholstery not only reupholsters furniture and antiques, they replace the foam in worn-out cushions, repair upholstery and even make custom throw pillows. Doyal's local Vancouver showroom contains many books with designer fabrics, as well as hanging samples for you to come by and browse. Call or come by today to discuss your upholstery needs. We offer FREE pickup and delivery with the Vancouver area. Call today for an estimate! We look forward to working with you!